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Dr. Robert Jackson
Your Harrisburg Chiropractor

Felt very comfortable and Dr. Rob is very detailed in explaining what is happening with me and explaining how the adjustment is going to be performed. Great experience for my 1st visit, will definitely be returning.
~ W.S.

“Harrisburg Area Chiropractic staff were very courteous and helpful. It was a great experience and felt very comfortable. Dr. Jackson and his staff explained everything in detail and made sure I understood all the information. I would recommend Harrisburg Area Chiropractic to anyone!”
~ C.S.

Dr. Rob, Belinda and Darla are just amazing! My first appoinment I felt so comfortable as if we were old friends.Everything was explained in terms I understood and after just two visits I felt 50% percent better then day I walked in the office in so much pain and I’m looking forward to the journey of feeling 100%.
~ S.B.

“This doctor runs an efficient practice, builds time into the appointment to truly listen, and has hired people with the same strengths. This appointment exceeded my expectations.”
~ C.N.

Dr. Rob Jackson was friendly, caring, attentive, and compassionate. On my first visit with him, Dr. Rob corrected my problem and I immediately regained the health that I had lost from poor spinal alignment. He even personally called me soon after the appointment to make sure that I was ok. I can absolutely and completely recommend Dr. Rob to anyone who wants to experience better health.
~ J.W.

“I feel so much better after just one visit. I’m now getting on a maintenance plan to maintain a pain free back!”
~ D.M.

I felt very comfortable and it was nice to be where all 4 kids are tolerated – even welcomed! Thanks again for a good first experience.
~ J.H.

My finance called on a late Friday afternoon for me and was given an appointment to come in that very evening. I was having a lot of discomfort in my neck, shoulder, and low back. I also had been having almost constant headaches for the 2 weeks prior. As a nurse, I do not relish the idea of having to take medications such as NSAIDS all the time for pain. I was very thankful to get an appointment that same day. Not only did I get the appointment so soon, but I was treated very professionally and at the same time very much like family. It was explained to me in detail why I was having the pain and treatment that would very likely improve it. The adjustment and deep muscle massage I had gave me immediate relief of a great deal of my pain, although sore did not have that deep intense pain I was having. What a relief! When leaving I was given a card with Rob’s name a # and was told not to hesitate to call if any concerns or problems prior to my next appointment. I was and am very pleased with the care I have received at Harrisburg Area Chiropractic. Everyone there treated me like I was part of their family! I would recommend Rob and his team to anyone needing Chiropractic services! Thanks Rob & the rest of your team/family for your excellent care & service!
~ M.C.

Dr. Jackson listens to his patients no matter how abrasive they are. He is not condescending to his patients, which seems increasingly rare in his profession. A first class staff and a joy to visit.
~ D.C.

Great “All in the Family” Husband, Wife, Mother-Law, and Aunt.
~ E.S.

Yes, keep up the great job! I have been to other chiropractors in the area and NONE have given me the treatment and overall reception as your office. I am very hopeful you will help me improve my situation. God bless you all. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!
~ N.O.

After Dr. Remillard closed his practice, I was concerned about where I would go for chiropractic care. After seeing Dr. Remillard’s recommendation of Dr. Jackson, I decided to call. I looked at other chiropractors online, but decided to go with Dr. Steve’s choice. I am glad I did.
Thank you for an excellent first visit. I look forward to many more.
~ S.M.

From the moment I entered your office I felt like a family member. You have a first class chiropractic office and the patient comes first. I will be sending friends and family to your office when they need your specialties. Thank You again
~ D.L.

Great first adjustment. I look forward to many more!!! thanks everyone steven errol dailey
~ S.D.

I really appreciate the follow up phone call after the first visit things like that are no longer done in this day.
~ M.D.

Thank you for being so considerate and patient addressing my concerns.
Your ability to operate professionally and with integrity are clear to me
and I am excited to being treatments at the practice.
~ A.W.

We are new in town, here for a few months for a job. My wife and I both felt very received by Dr. Rob and his wife Danielle. They invited us to inform them of what had worked for us in the past with other chiropractors, and then delivered excellent treatment. The treatment offered was precise, gentle yet firm enough to do the job. We came away not only relieved of the pain we came in with, but felt we had found a resource to be trusted for future needs. This is an office of talented people and Harrisburg is fortunate to have them.
~ F.H.

Appreciated the truthfulness about my condition.
Glad that you are will to try to help relieve my pain. Thank you.
~ K.H.

I can honestly say after one treatment i am feeling so much better!
~ L.F.


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